LinkedIn profile picture – Portrait photographer in Rome

Linkedin profile picture photographer in Rome

Your LinkedIn portrait is one of the most important elements of your profile, book now a professional photo session

A good first impression encourages the viewers to read the rest of your profile. According to a study published by LinkedIn itself, you are 14 times more likely to be taken seriously if you have a professional headshot on your LinkedIn page.

Judgement starts and opinions begin to form from the moment someone looks at a profile. Having a professional headshot separates you from the rest of the crowd because it shows you take your work and your image seriously.

A LinkedIn photo is not about just the background, but about the expression and how much you engage with the camera, something only an experienced headshot photographer can help you to do. If you want to look approachable as well as professional, an individual portrait session with a corporate photographer like me is what you need.

You can reach my photo studio in the center of Rome or I can set up a portable studio wherever you prefer.


Before you get started

It’s worth spending a bit of time doing a little research on LinkedIn. Look up people who are in the same profession as you. Know your clients and your competitors. What are their headshots like? This is the best way to get across what kind of professional headshots that you like or dislike.

Consider what impression you are trying to give through your headshot and discuss with your photographer beforehand what kind of ‘look’ you are wanting.

What should I wear for my professional headshots?

My advice is usually to wear what you would usually wear to meet a client. Wear simple and professional clothing that is well-fitted, avoid wearing a suit that’s too big or wearing a crazy colored blouse and busy patterns.

For men, bring a few different jackets, shirt colours and ties so we have choices for the photo.
For women, consider bringing different necklines/coloured tops. Jewellery should be kept to a minimum (unless it is relevant to your business).

Is a makeup artist really necessary?

Let me hire for you a makeup artist. If you are investing in a professional portrait and it’s within your budget, consider adding a makeup artist to your package to really stand out. Makeup makes a huge difference because it smooths your skin tones and highlights your best features, bringing out your personality and making your image pop.

Should I smile?

Absolutely, yes! Have fun! Being friendly and having fun will ensure natural smiles and relaxed confident portrait.

A lack of smile can imply lack of interest/engagement. A friendly smile can reassure people you are the right person to do business with and will show interest, confidence and approachability.

After the photo shooting

Following the photo shoot, I’ll upload a large selection of your images into online private gallery so you can view your pictures and choose the ones for retouching (airbrushing) where I will edit out blemishes and work on adjustments to the overall image, to make it look even better.

I will provide all of the images in the correct sizes for different platforms, social media platforms have different requirements.

Linkedin profile picture photographer in Rome

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